An efficient and fair claims service is the basic expectation of any customer or broker seeking an insurance solution and Attento is designed with an excellent claims service as a fundamental pillar.  We deliver this though a number of underlying foundations.


The Attento team is made up of experienced insurance professionals with an in-depth understanding of the industry.  Everyone in the team takes pride in the work delivered by Attento and are determined to ensure that Attento is the aspirational model for claim services.

Product Knowledge

As well as being experts on the cover provided, we work closely with underwriters on product design so as to ensure we can deliver the service promises made under our policies and that the coverage reflects the risks faced by customers in a constantly changing economic environment.

Specialist Service Providers

Where we use any external service provider such as a TPA, adjuster or lawyer we will have vetted their experience and will monitor their performance using objective metrics and subjective quality assessments.

Technology and Data

We design and build much of our claims IT so that it meets our exacting demands. We require many of our service providers to use our systems to allow us more immediate access to data and a better ability to control off-path claims and deliver faster claim conclusions.  We are also able to deliver more immediate payment to clients.

More extensive data allows us to tailor risk solutions to customer requirements and better forecast claims service requirements.


We recognise that most insurance claims arise following a stressful and often traumatic incident.  We understand that the primary requirement for an insured customer is that the claim is resolved quickly and without unnecessary barriers.

Mindful of this we aim to avoid unnecessary questions or seek information we already hold on file. We will acknowledge claims promptly and keep customers advised of the progress. Our IT platform allows us to make payments far quicker than many of our competitors.